Looking to breathe new life into my 2017 MacBook Pro, I installed Zorin OS Pro. Here’s a quick overview of my experience and the crucial question: is it worth it?


Installing Zorin OS Pro on my 2017 MacBook Pro was straightforward thanks to an intuitive installation interface. In just a few clicks, the system was ready to use.

Pros of Zorin OS Pro

Snappy Performance

The MacBook, which felt sluggish under macOS, is now fast and responsive with Zorin OS Pro. Applications open instantly, and multitasking is smooth.

Improved Battery Life

The battery life has significantly improved. The system efficiently manages power consumption, extending usage time between charges.

Efficient Use of Resources

Zorin OS Pro uses memory and CPU resources more efficiently than macOS. The MacBook runs quieter and cooler, which is a welcome change.

Pre-installed Application Suite

Zorin OS Pro comes with a range of useful applications, covering various needs such as productivity, creativity, and development. No need to hunt for additional software.

Cons of Zorin OS Pro

Hardware Compatibility Issues

WiFi, audio, and Bluetooth didn’t work out of the box. I had to:

  • Install the b43 firmware for WiFi.
  • Use a driver from GitHub for Bluetooth.

Finicky Resuming

Resuming from sleep or hibernation can be finicky, sometimes requiring a restart.


Zorin OS Pro has breathed new life into my old MacBook Pro with improved performance, better battery life, and efficient resource usage. However, you need to be prepared to troubleshoot some hardware compatibility issues.

For those looking to modernize their old hardware and who don’t mind a bit of tinkering, Zorin OS Pro is worth the investment. If you prefer a hassle-free experience, try the free version first. Ultimately, Zorin OS Pro has been a valuable upgrade for my 2017 MacBook Pro.